Tributary to Little Deep Creek Drainage Improvements

Project Summary

Construction of drainage improvements along 1.2 miles of the Tributary to Little Deep Creek a FEMA delineated Special Flood Hazard Area to mitigate flood hazards for residential areas. Project involved channel improvements consisting of rip rap bank stabilizations, articulated block mattress channel stabilization and gabion retaining wall construction, Construction of a 16 ft x 10 ft side tapered inlet on a 10 ft x 10 ft box culvert, and culvert improvements.  Project lowered base flood elevations by 3 ft in areas. 

Services Provided: 

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses, Conditional Letter of Map Revision submittal to FEMA, Section 404 permit and mitigation and monitoring plan development, Engineering Design, Project Solicitation, Construction Administrations Services, Construction Staking, and Inspection Services

  • City of Weatherford, OK
  • Drainage
  • $2,750,000