There are currently 37 active municipal landfills in Oklahoma – 18 of which are municipality owned.

Leading Landfill Design

Myers Engineering has designed 22% (4) of the municipality-owned landfills in Oklahoma. This legacy is an important factor when selecting your engineering consultant for your landfill. Myers has the experience, the expertise and the overall system coordination to process your landfill application and subsequent construction in the best manner possible.

Transfer Stations

Solid waste transfer stations are vital to a community’s solid waste handling protocol. These transfer stations provide some access to the general public but primarily provide mitigated transportation cost to the system. Typically, the community’s solid waste collection group will use smaller trucks and deposit solid waste into large trailers that are a part of the transfer station. The trailers are transported via tractor to the final landfill site at a much lower unit cost. Typically, a city can recoup the cost of a transfer station within five to ten years due to reduced truck capital costs.