There is nothing more frustrating to a homeowner, business or industry than experiencing low water pressure and intermittent service. This frustration is also felt by fire departments in dealing with the water supply component of an ISO Rating or the actual fighting of a fire.

Water Distribution Services

We have designed water distribution systems for over 100 communities and 65 rural water districts in Oklahoma. The following types of water distribution infrastructure are included in our experience portfolio:

  • Water distribution and transmission system design including hydraulic network system modeling
  • Water System SCADA Systems Integrating Water Plants, Storage Tanks, Booster Pump Stations and Remote Chlorination/Chloramination Units
  • Booster Pump Station Design from 0.1MGD to 150MGD Capacity
  • Water storage tank design for:
    • AWWA D-100 Steel Tanks
    • AWWA D-110 Pre-stressed Concrete Tanks
    • AWWA D-100 Steel/Concrete Composite Tanks

Pioneers in our Field

We completed the design of distribution systems from scratch and the replacement of entire systems. Our firm was one of the first design groups in Oklahoma to utilize PVC pipe for water main construction. We were responsible for the first generation of rural water system design in Oklahoma.

We are also a pioneer in the design of trenchless construction of water systems. The technology was somewhat prevalent in the early 1990’s. E.E. Myers could see the end benefit to customers in the non-invasive construction method and utilized this for major river crossings. The use of this process proved to be good for the environment as well as cost effective.