Potable water is the most vital need of any community. Without potable water, a community cannot survive or grow. This component is sometimes taken for granted by the general public.

Water Supply & Treatment Services

At Myers, we live and breathe the purpose of providing communities with the ability to serve potable water. Our experience in water supply and treatment systems in the State of Oklahoma is unsurpassed.

We have completed the design of the following types of water supply and treatment systems:

  • Water supply reservoir/lake design
  • Groundwater Investigations and Water Well Design in the following aquifers:
    • Rush Springs Sandstone
    • Arbuckle Simpson
    • Ada Vamoosa
    • Garber Wellington
    • Terrace Deposits of the North Fork of the Red River
    • Terrace Deposits of the Cimarron River
    • Terrace and Alluvium Deposits of the North Canadian River
    • Terrace and Alluvium Deposits of the South Canadian River
    • Antlers
    • Ogallala
  • Water storage tank design for:
    • AWWA D-100 Steel Tanks
    • AWWA D-110 Pre-stressed Concrete Tanks
    • AWWA D-100 Steel/Concrete Composite Tanks
  • Surface Water Treatment Facility Design Using:
    • Conventional Processes
    • Ballasted Flocculation/High Rate Clarification Process
    • Microfiltration
  • Groundwater Treatment Facility Design Using:
    • Ion Exchange for Nitrate Removal
    • Reverse Osmosis for Nitrate Removal and Softening
    • Precipitation and Adsorption on a Catalytic Oxidative Media for Arsenic Removal
    • Green Sand Filtration for Iron and Manganese Removal
    • Lime Softening Process